Inside the group you'll get access to...

  • Weekly Livestreams Wonder what's working in Real Estate today? Wondering how to get started? Our weekly livestreams help you take the leap to start, or grow your portfolio.
  • Interviews with Physician Investors and other experts Learn tips and techniques from other docs doing fun things in different niches.
  • Grow your network Connect with people who understand your goals, dreams, and even perceived limitations. Bring your deals; ask your questions. Grow your legacy.

and so much more...

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Get the Recordings for Short Term Revolution Conference

Discover the power of Short Term Rentals to accelerate your journey to Financial Freedom
The Conference was Oct 7-9, but you can get access to the recordings

In this conference, you will learn to...

  • Pick a location
  • Analyze deals for profitability
  • Mitigate Risk in your portfolio
  • Fund STR deals
  • How to profit from the STR market WITHOUT buying property
  • Managing your rentals remotely
  • Furnish like a Pro, without blowing your wallet

and so much more...